"The Small Strap That's Big On Comfort!"


“If you’ve been searching Google and Facebook trying to find some practical, low cost, comfortable way to prevent your seat belt from riding up around your neck… I’m delighted to say you’ve come to the right place”!

Custom Fit Seat Belt – Comfort Strap

The Stap-R Seat Belt strap

Stays attached & returns with the seat belt!

Included in the package:
The Strap-R® 
Metal clip
♦Attachment Strip

ONLY $9.99 + S&H
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Finally you can enjoy your driving experience by eliminating that annoying riding up of your seat belt with The Strap-R®. Never again will your seat belt annoyingly gouge into the sensitive skin of your neck. This continuous irritating discomfort forces the driver and passenger to repetitively yank the seat belt back into a more comfortable position, over and over again their entire driving experience.

The Strap-R® keeps the seat belt securely in your desired custom adjusted position without interfering with the driver’s or passenger’s safety, even as the person moves and turns while sitting in the vehicle.

The Strap-R® goes unnoticed when in use and easily joins with vehicle’s seat belt when returning to vehicle’s designated place of return when not in use.

The Strap-R® is adjustable, inexpensive and one size fits mostly all seat belts.


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    Make Your Ride More Comfortable!