"The Small Strap That's Big On Comfort!"


The Strap-R® was established, June 12, 2013 “In GOD We Trust!”

The Strap-R® was designed for your driving and riding experience to be more pleasurable by eliminating that annoying riding up of your seat belt.  The Strap-R® stops your seat belt from gouging into the sensitive skin of your neck. When your seat belt rides up the continuous irritating discomfort forces both the driver and passenger to repetitively yank the seat belt back into a more comfortable position, over and over again their entire driving and riding experience is ruined.

The Strap-R® is different.

The Strap-R® is unlike other seat belt options for comfort, its the only one of its kind! The Strap-R® stays attached to the vehicles seat belt. It returns WITH the seat belt to the vehicles original seat belt return. Once you find your custom comfort level ~ there is NO need to adjust or remove The Strap-R®! It’s made to be a “custom fit” experience for each person in the vehicle.  The Strap-R®  compliments the ride by eliminating the discomfort of the seat belt. You’ll forget its there “UNTIL” you drive or ride in a vehicle without one! The Strap-R® is not a restraint as the vehicles seat belts are. It merely keeps the chest strap in place which stops the chest strap from riding up into the neck. Because of the custom “sticky back loop attachment” design, The Strap-R® without difficulty breaks away with any force forward. But stays securely attached with ordinary turning and moving a driver or passenger makes.

Product Features

The Strap-R® stays on the vehicles seat belt permanently. It’s made for custom comfort. Does not interfere with driver or passengers ride. Returns with vehicles original seat belt. Undetectable while in use. It’s a small strap that does a big job! It’s a good product that works well, and is made well.
Product Benefits  

The Strap-R®  solves many problems.

  • It stops that agitating and constant annoyance of the vehicle’s chest seat belt from digging into the driver or passengers neck.
  • May assist in preventing vehicle’s chest strap from rubbing the sensitive area drivers have who live with “pacemakers” in their chest.
  • Adjust for custom comfort.  
  • The Strap-R® goes unnoticed when in use and easily joins with vehicle’s seat belt when returning to vehicle’s designated place of return when not in use. 
  • Stays in place NO need to remove.
  • Inexpensive. 
  • Comes in may colors.
  • It is not detected when in use which provides more safety for all those who simply hate seat belts. 
  • Not hot and irritating like other similar products can be.
  • The Strap-R® gives a sense of security by firmly preventing the chest seat belt strap from creeping up to the person’s neck which can be a nightmare for them.
  • Helps with making children’s ride more comfortable with the custom fit.
  • Makes a gift for friends, family and neighbors.

Licensed men or women Drivers of ALL ages, and any vehicle  passengers of every age will LOVE The Strap-R® !