"The Small Strap That's Big On Comfort!"


Is The Strap-R® safe?

The Strap-R®  is not a restraint as the vehicles seat belts are. It merely keeps the chest strap in place which stops the chest strap from riding up into the neck. Because of the custom “sticky back loop attachment” design, The Strap-R® without difficulty breaks away with any force forward. But stays securely attached with ordinary turning and moving a driver or passenger makes.


Why is The Strap-R® different?

The Strap-R®  is the first of its kind. Other comfort options for seat belts must be re-attached each time in use.

The Strap-R®  stays on vehicles seat belt permanently. It’s made for custom comfort. It does not interfere with driver or passengers ride. The biggest PLUS is that it returns with vehicles original seat belt.   The Strap-R® stays on vehicles seat belt permanently but can be removed if desired.  This small strap is undetectable while in use. It’s a small strap that does a big job! It’s a good product that works well, and is made well.


Will it make me hot?

The Strap-R®  doesn’t come in contact with your neck or chest.  Unlike other devices it is not made of fuzzy material that may cause you to be uncomfortable.

    Make Your Ride More Comfortable!