"The Small Strap That's Big On Comfort!"


I Love The Strap-R®

I love The Strap-R®.  It’s Custom fit.  It’s easy to install.  It stays put and returns with the seat belt.  I’ll never drive without The Strap-R® again!

Mary L. – Maryland


NOT Like Other Seat Belt Covers

I’ve had the other kind of seat belt comfort strap that was not comfortable at all.  It was fuzzy and hot.  It made me sweat. Then I was tugging on the seat belt for a different reason!

Henry W. – North Carolina


I’m Spoiled!!

The Strap-R® has spoiled me!  I LOVE it!  I’ll never drive anywhere without it again.  While on vacation I rented a car, never thinking to bring The Strap-R®.  Then right away the chest seat belt strap in the rental car began digging into my neck!  And there I was on my vacation being pestered once again by a seat belt strap!  I’ll never let this happen again!

Lynn O. -California, MD


Like Salt Complements Food

The Strap-R® is like salt.  I never realized how much salt compliments the food until I went without it.  Well, I found on my first use of The Strap-R® that it really does complement my driving and riding experience!  It stops the annoyance of a seat belt I never even realized was there until I used The Strap-R®!   Now I won’t go anywhere without it.

John B. Calvert, MD

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